Title: The Big Four

Publisher: William Collins & Sons

Year of publication: 1927 (January 27)
Published in the US the same year: American Edition.

Printed by: ?

Swedish title: De fyra 1929 (Bonniers billighetsserie (Bildomslag i färg)
NOTE! The book also exists in two variant covers:
Bildomslag i svartvitt and Textomslag.
FURTHER NOTE! All later editions bear the title De fyra stora.

Cover: ?

Binding: Hardcover with dust jacket.

Price: Seven shillings and six pence (7/6).

Number of pages: 282 pages.

Detective: Hercule Poirot (with Captain Arthur Hastings and Chief Inspector James Japp)

Comment: The book later published in the short story version: The Big Four 2016 (Detective Club Crime Classics 1).


Short story collection containing the following interwoven short stories:

1-2.     The Unexpected Guest and The Man from the Asylum [HP + KAH + JJ]

3-4.     We Hear More about Li Chang Yen and The Importance of a Leg of Mutto [HP + KAH + JJ]

5-6.     Disappearance of a Scientist and The Woman on the Stairs [HP + KAH + JJ]

7.        The Radium Thieves [HP + KAH + JJ]

8.        In the House of the Enemy [HP + KAH + JJ]

9-10.   The Yellow Jasmine Mystery and We Investigate at Croftlands [HP + KAH + JJ]

11.      A Chess Problem [HP + KAH + JJ]

12-13. The Baited Trap and The Mouse Walks in [HP + KAH + JJ]

14.      The Peroxide Blonde [HP + KAH + JJ]

15.      The Terrible Catastrophe [HP + KAH + JJ]

16.      The Dying Chinaman [HP + KAH + JJ]

17-18.  Number Four Wins the Trick and In the Felsenlabyrinth [HP + KAH + JJ]


Image taken from: http://upload.wikimedia.org/wikipedia/en/4/49/The_Big_Four_First_Edition_Cover_1927.jpg