The Red House

Short story


Original publication:

The short story is first published in The Grand Magazine (UK) in December 1923 (Vol. 44, No. 226) under the titeln The First Wish (together with
The Clergyman's Daughter) with an illustration by Arthur Ferrier.

In the US there is no publication prior to the one in the short story collection published in 1929.


Alternative title:

The short story has also been published under the title Seek, and Ye Shall Find in Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine (US) in 1960 (Vol. 35, No. 1).


In book form, the short story is represented in:

Partners in Crime 1929 (American Edition)
Published in the UK later the same year (with a different chapter order): British Edition.


Publications in Swedish:

Hemligheten på Red House 2015 (In the short story collection Par i brott)