The Unbreakable Alibi

Short story


Original publication:

The short story is first published in Holly Leaves (The Illustrated Sporting and Dramatic Events) (UK) in 1928.

In the US there is no publication prior to the one in the short story collection published in 1929.


In book form, the short story is represented in:

1. Partners in Crime 1929 (American Edition)
    Published in the UK later the same year (with a different chapter order): British Edition.

2. 13 for Luck! A Selection of Mystery Stories for Young Readers 1961 (American Edition)
    Published in the UK five years later under the title 13 for Luck! A Selection of Mystery Stories.


Publications in Swedish:

1. Vattentätt alibi 1969 (In the anthology Brott och skratt. En annorlunda deckarantologi om parodi och pastisch i deckargenren)

2. Det svårspräckta alibit 1980 (In the short story collection Damen i den röda klänningen)

3. Ett vattentätt alibi 2015 (In the short story collection Par i brott)

4. Ett vattentätt alibi 2015 (En novell från Novellix No. 67)