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Short story


Original publication:

The short story is first published in The Sketch Magazine (UK) on January 9 in 1924 (No. 1615) as part two in the series The Man Who Was Number Four:
Further Adventures of M. Poirot
under the title The Adventure of the Dartmoor Bungalow (together with The Importance of a Leg of Mutto)

In the US the short story was first published in The Blue Book Magazine in April 1927 (Vol. 44, No. 6) under the title The Dartmoor Adventure (together with
The Importance of a Leg of Mutto) with an illustration by L. R. Gustavson.


In book form, the short story is represented in:

1. The Big Four 1927 (British Edition)
    Published in the US later the same year: American Edition.

2. The Big Four 2016 (Detective Club Crime Classics 1)


Publications in Swedish:

De fyra 1929 (Bonniers billighetsserie (Pictorial cover in colour)
The book also exists in two variant covers:
Pictorial cover in black and white and Text cover.
NOTE! All later editions of the book is published under the title De fyra stora.